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Free to improve your juice
This is a infrequent occurance, actually posting a blog entry during the daylight hours. Well only just as it's starting to go dark outside. Found out that most users who have battery problems with their iPods is due to the firmware version they are using. Supposedly the clock that is built into the 1.2.2 firmware drains the battery if you don't use it for a day or so because it uses the CPU. Users on the Apple forum are reporting that when they switched back to an old firmware the battery life have increased significantly. Read about the Pod battery life on Apple forums. This blog has started to go really geeky so back to music.

The new Cat Power album You Are Free is absolutely brilliant. The title 'Free' track is really something. A really catchy rift, great lyrics and fantastic rhythm that gets you going. Werewolf I had heard before on a John Peel session. The album has a lot of the qualities of Cat Power in terms of the acoustics and vocals but they seem to have expanded in to something better. There are only a few tracks that don't quite hit the high standard of the rest of the album but it was long overdue. If she comes over for a tour the album then I'm certain it will be a stormer.