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Mighty life type
Another hard day at the grindstone. Especially tough since the sun was shining. It felt like Summer had come even though it's not quite Spring. Manage to go out for a walk to clear my head anyway. All the pubs in town were packed to the rafters full of people watching the Liverpool V's Manchester United Worthington Cup match. Congratulations to Liverpool for putting it together by winning 2-0, amazingly they have won two games in a row, although not in the league which is where they are creaking a lot.

The BBC site has a list of Global Top Tens. Nominated record labels from across the world have put together top tens charts of records that they like. There are some great labels part of the list and it covers different genres but a lot of alternative. It gives some good information on the label and you can listen to Realaudio samples of the tracks.

A good use of Google as a verb, 'You are the eggman, goo-google a chew' and 'Google us gracious great balls of fire' from the Media-squatters.