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Blue, Blue, Electric Blue
Having realised I've not read a book that's not in some way related to my course, well since my course started in fact. Okay I did read 'Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom' but that doesn't really count as I printed it off onto A4 sheets from my computer. Anyway I decided to re-read John Welter's Begin To Exit Here, a book I've read a few dozen times before. It's typically American, about an alchoholic journalist Kurt Clausen who shuns the Associated Press style guidebook for his own journalistic style amongst other things (ultimately it's about doing what you believe is the right thing for you). There is something about the character of Kurt - his absurdity, pedaticness and honest truth - that makes it really enjoyable. His coverage of the KKK march through the local town is a laugh out loud material.

Currently enjoying a new band The Sea And Cake. Their version of David Bowie's Sound & Vision on the album One Bedroom is fantastic.