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Animation for the nation
I'm getting a sense of deja vu, having spent a whole day experimenting with effects in Flash MX I can only say that most of the time, I could do it better with a standard Web site. Those little moving effects that catch the eye aren't exactly the best use of Flash is it? Having said that my project seems to be full of these cliché effects and bad uses of Flash. I'm looking at the file sizes and it's nearly 100k. That's massive for what is effectively a bunch of animations and behaviours, though not as big as Shockwave files. I'm still questioning whether they add quality to the general experience of the web. I've tend to find that the best Flash and Shockwave examples are all standalone things likes games and toys (such as Switcheroo Zoo and that silly golf game that I can't find the link to). Rarely are there whole sites that are worth visiting of any substance that are written with Flash/Director for the Web. It's mostly style over substance and the content is usually better on a Web page. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places or just like to keep it simple.