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Been accused of stealing
Tiredness kills as they say on those motorway signs. Right now I could sleep for 48 hours and still feel tired. I need a week of rest to recuperate the effects of working double shifts each day on University projects. I am still nowhere near getting anything done which is quite frustrating. My female housemate said to me I would make a good husband because I was cleaning the grill pan after using it. Now I don't know whether that was meant to be compliment or an insult but I guess it was more of the former. There's no point in complaining that people don't clear things up if you don't clear up after yourself either. It's funny how I find my tolerance levels in difficult house sharing situations much higher than for my work. The self questioning of am I doing the right thing appears now and again and I am never too certain of the answer. It's not money or security but trying to achieve a level of contentment that seems to be void in what I've been doing since I've left University. I don't even think my goals are that outrageously difficult to obtain yet it seems further away than before. Maybe being my destination is too far to reach even with compromises. My personality stems from the fact I am too stubborn to 'just get on with it'. Too much work gets you in a funny mood I know. Could be dangerous.

Just wanted to say also my local council back home in Manchester, Tameside is the first local council to get ALL it's departments and services online, over two years ahead of the Government target. It's not a bad council but there are still a lot of problems with crime around. Visit Tameside council's website.