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There's no light on in my head
As most of you will know I like taking photos with my Lomographic Camera. This week sees two Lomo related items happening in the UK. Firstly there is going to be a documentary on the Lomo on BBC 4 entitled 'Lomo Cameras: Shoot Before You Think' on Wednesday (19th Feb) at 9pm. The preview promises it to be worth watching. However that's only if you have a digital TV receiver. From recent ratings, BBC 4 only manages to attract a few thousand viewers at peak time. The Lomographers will be out in force to watch this one to boost ratings I would have thought. Not me though as I don't have access to it. Anyone out there kindly willing to tape it for me then contact me. The second thing is the Victoria & Albert Museum in London is having an event called Snap Happy Days, all about snapshot photography. It's not confined to Lomographic cameras but also Poloroids and disposable ones too. Read about Snap Happy Days on the Lomographic Society website and V&A site.