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Come pray for peace
I don't watch much television but this was almost unmissable TV. The Second Coming two part-drama on ITV started off brilliantly. Set in Manchester it follows Steve who realises he is the Son of God following a night out. The setting is unusual but that's it's appeal. Steve sets about convincing people he is including a scene at Maine Road where he turns the sky to light. It's down to earth, humourous and most importantly not glossy, at times you really sympathise with Steve. Christopher Eccleston puts in a great performance as Steve. The second part sustains the excellence of the first, high in tension and as much expectation as the almighty,it doesn't shy away from the unexpected. The ending with the discovery of the third testament and what was to happen is a revelation. It was quite apt for it to be shown aroud this time. That's enough praising of a TV programme. It's back to quality radio programmes.