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Shapely repurporsing
I am seriously fed having spent so much time trying to figure out the Greymatter problem. Although I have installed a new version of the software, there are still some minor bugs that were supposedly fixed. That is quite annoying. The new installation is very painless and I still want to stick with it.

Anyway apart messing with this I have discovered a great book - The Elements Of Design : rediscovering colours, textures, forms and shapes by Loan Oei and Cecile De Kegel. I am a great fan of geometric shaped patterns that can be found in everyday scenary and sometimes try to capture some of it in my Lomography. This book however is a great collection of photos and makes you look more thoughtfully at simple shapes that create our everyday environment. In much of my own artwork creation I use images with simple shapes as starting points to creating new images and I have found it has so far not let me down. Read about the The Elements Of Design and view sample images from the book.