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12/20/2004: If I forget, which I will
10/26/2004: A reminder
10/26/2004: John Peel RIP
07/10/2004: Cigarettes and alcohol
06/08/2004: Radio goo goo
06/03/2004: It's been
05/09/2004: Soy for life, cow for the day
04/30/2004: Mixing it street style
04/30/2004: More Grey Issues
04/30/2004: To pen the le pen
04/20/2004: Five at the Number 6
04/08/2004: Everybody else sees you in the wrong way, no one else sees you my way
03/23/2004: A clarifying notice
03/23/2004: Colour me bad it's a salty taste
03/16/2004: Listen to the guy work
03/02/2004: You'll be a legend in your time
02/24/2004: Uncommercial headfoot
02/22/2004: Farewell my friends
02/17/2004: Spinning clean lines
02/09/2004: Blimey Charlie wicker basket
02/08/2004: Music dig in the downloads
02/06/2004: Sooper Dooper power up
01/31/2004: Wet but musical
01/23/2004: The hope of states was yet to come
01/16/2004: Moving all the way round the corner
01/06/2004: Saving paper
01/05/2004: Happy New Year
12/22/2003: Then I just go to sleep
12/18/2003: Dead iPod in the ear
12/17/2003: The soundtrack to my life
12/11/2003: Is there a storm coming or are we just another shower?
12/02/2003: The spotlight so clear
11/27/2003: I know you're a whore but you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen
11/26/2003: Counting sheep, children, dirty clothes....
11/17/2003: The way to kitschdom
11/15/2003: Hey man, loosen up
11/13/2003: I've stopped my rambling, I don't do much gambling these days
11/07/2003: Tape to tape, type II position chrome
10/24/2003: RIP Elliott Smith
10/22/2003: Cheers love
10/21/2003: There's nothing erotic when you're working at the level of pixels
10/19/2003: The same old game
10/17/2003: Radio Days
10/16/2003: The pod that blew up
10/10/2003: The same thing ten times an hour every hour
10/10/2003: I wish I had invented the lawnmower
10/09/2003: It's not down and out yet
10/01/2003: Spin spam grilled and fried
09/20/2003: Some gold things happening there
09/16/2003: In no mood to work
09/11/2003: Summat up there causing a blockage
09/11/2003: Grey mutters
09/11/2003: You got to have something to defend
09/07/2003: It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
09/04/2003: I work virtually
08/31/2003: Yeah yeah yeah.
08/31/2003: This world is not aplenty
08/29/2003: Airated visual stimulation
08/29/2003: He don't work and he don't sleep
08/17/2003: No I made that from a kit last week
08/14/2003: Right back into the swing of things
08/12/2003: That was that and this is this
07/17/2003: Needs something here
07/10/2003: You and me are over and I'm getting high tonight
07/09/2003: All we need now...
07/08/2003: Travel disaster
07/05/2003: So that was submerged in washing up liquid
07/01/2003: Ho hum there's no work to go
06/28/2003: What a result
06/26/2003: Random thoughts from the packer
06/25/2003: I'm not myself today
06/25/2003: Gimme five
06/25/2003: So this is goodbye
06/21/2003: What time is it?
06/20/2003: Hello hello hi
06/16/2003: Taking a bite
06/15/2003: Blogging over
06/15/2003: When the stars come to town.
06/12/2003: A splash of colour
06/10/2003: Gee gimme five
06/09/2003: Come on Eileen
06/05/2003: Competition for the horses
06/04/2003: Balloon madness
06/03/2003: Hot air, airhead, recycled air
06/02/2003: There goes that place without much reason
05/30/2003: Sticky business
05/29/2003: People have moved on now, does it matter?
05/28/2003: You can have the one you don't want
05/23/2003: Sick, tired and lonely
05/20/2003: Smoking machine
05/20/2003: Long was the year, will you come
05/16/2003: Go back, I can't go back
05/15/2003: Jeans with lace down the side
05/12/2003: Rain soaked words
05/11/2003: It's gone pear shaped, again
05/09/2003: Night the daze away
05/06/2003: You couldn't raise your foot that far
05/03/2003: Divided at an alarming rate
05/03/2003: Punk grease lightening
04/30/2003: Podding all over the world
04/28/2003: A right royal delivery
04/26/2003: who have dropped out of the loop
04/24/2003: That's the only thing about it
04/22/2003: Nina Simone RIP
04/22/2003: At least you kept your tie on
04/18/2003: It's gone quicker
04/17/2003: Hot Hot Heat
04/14/2003: A sense of ending
04/11/2003: You only did that to wear terry underwear
04/10/2003: Radio Ga Ga
04/10/2003: Everything else is magic or telepathy
04/08/2003: That's my fifteen kilobytes of fame
04/07/2003: Heats of mots
04/07/2003: Till death do us in
04/05/2003: Hit it, hit it
04/03/2003: Do you feel alright?
04/03/2003: Some stupid like
03/31/2003: Ain't that the truth
03/30/2003: What a mess
03/27/2003: Local music not from here - Music that sounds foreign?!?
03/26/2003: Something stupid
03/26/2003: Nice island
03/25/2003: Oranges and apples
03/24/2003: The state of being identical
03/22/2003: Looking at the people go by
03/20/2003: Not so heavy metal
03/18/2003: What a way to go
03/17/2003: I don't want control of you
03/15/2003: Did the lead make you angry?
03/14/2003: No matter which way I walked, it stayed with me
03/13/2003: Head away for something
03/12/2003: I came down faster than I went up
03/10/2003: It ain't easy being flashy
03/09/2003: And that has at least as much to do with entertainment as with truth
03/09/2003: Erik Spielman says be bold
03/06/2003: Free to improve your juice
03/04/2003: There's a line from me to you that's going through
03/02/2003: Mighty life type
03/01/2003: Dinners in the dog
02/27/2003: Advance flip top
02/26/2003: Critical issues for the mind
02/24/2003: Blue, Blue, Electric Blue
02/24/2003: John Peel, surely not
02/24/2003: Animation for the nation
02/21/2003: Been accused of stealing
02/20/2003: There's nothing to compare
02/18/2003: Did he cobblers say that
02/16/2003: There's no light on in my head
02/15/2003: A quiet disappearance
02/14/2003: Out in the trees, dirt on our knees
02/14/2003: One step forward, two steps back
02/12/2003: Eat this and laugh
02/11/2003: Sucking up a little bit more
02/11/2003: Come pray for peace
02/09/2003: Shapely repurporsing
02/09/2003: Welcome back - take 2