Personality Test - Part 1 of 5

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01. I get energized by socializing and talking with people.
02. I am relatively easy to get to know and most people find me friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic.
03. I am comfortable being with and meeting new people.
04. I enjoy being the center of attention.
05. I'm quite talkative and often prefer verbal over written communication.
06. I can find something to talk about with almost anyone.
07. I have many friends and aquaintances
08. I feel lonely and restless if I spend long periods of time alone.
09. I have to monitor myself to make sure I allow others a chance to speak.
10. I develop my ideas and reach conclusions by talking. I tend to think out loud.
11. I feel akward at social events where I don't know many people, but enjoy talking one-on-one with someone I feel connected to.
12. I like to spend a lot of time alone.
13. I tend to have a few close friends on whom I focus most of my attention, rather then a lot of aquaintances.
14. Instead of approaching others, I wait for them to approach me.
15. People often percieve me as shy or aloof.
16. I take time to consider what I am going to say before I speak.
17. I feel drained if I spend a lot of time with people. Even talking on the phone for too long can be exhausting.
18. I prefer to work by myself on projects and tasks.
19. I am very selective and particular about who I will begin friendships with.
20. I avoid being the center of attention.